Nurturing Heart Therapeutic Massage,LLC

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic and medical massage are focused on helping address specific issues in their treatment or maintenance phases. These massages involve an in depth initial assessment, including client interview,  postural assessment, and gathering all information on the client's symptoms, what has worked to help relieve symptoms, what hasn't worked, what might make symptoms worse. A plan of treatment is then developed with the client, with a measurable goal to work towards.

In some cases the client may be advised to have more frequent massages, spaced closer together, for a set amount of visits in combination with things to try at home, or in cooperation with other healthcare providers. In other cases, we need to see how the client responds to the first session before making a plan of frequency and duration. More chronic conditions may require a more long term plan vs an acute condition which may require less. You are a unique case, even if it's a condition I've worked with extensively in the past. How your body responds will be different from how someone else's will respond. My commitment is to work with you, work with where your body is at in this moment, to help you achieve the best results for you.