Nurturing Heart Therapeutic Massage,LLC

Massage for Chronic Pain

Often those who experience chronic pain after surgeries and injuries, are also locked into a cycle of the body being unable to relax, interfering with sleep and overall functioning. Research has shown that a chronic injury actually makes the entire body more sensitive to pain and less able to inhibit pain stimuli.

Massage for chronic pain interrupts the pain cycle. by engaging the bodies parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for temporary relaxation, decreases pain, and increases feel good chemicals in the body. decreasing stress hormones. When you have pain in a certain area of the body, the muscles tighten around that area to “protect” it, mobility is limited, and often, circulation is reduced. Additionally, pain that began with an injury or illness can cause emotional and psychological stress that exacerbates the pain and even remains after the physical condition has healed. 

Massage for chronic pain restores mobility by loosening tight muscles and trigger points and by lengthening muscles. Massage also improves circulation by increasing blood flow, as well as promotes relaxation and helps relieve emotional stress and anxiety that can contribute to chronic pain.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle modality the involves a light touch upon the skin. This light tough manipulates the lymphatic system to help induce relaxation and improved lymphatic circulation. Improved lymphatic circulation can help remove excess fluid, proteins, and chemicals from the tissue reducing nerve pain, reducing scar tissue, and improving healing.

CranioSacral Therapy may be used to calm the central nervous system, help with cerebral spinal fluid flow, and all nerves to function more fully.